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Arranging a Health & Safety Audit with Acorn Health & Safety 



A health and safety audit is an assessment undertaken by an expert of an organisation’s health and safety procedures and policies. The health and safety audit will look into current procedures and assess whether they are being delivered correctly and have the expected outcomes and will also assess if the organisation is protecting the wellbeing of staff whilst also complying with all the needed regulations. Health and safety audits are widely recognised in a range of different industries and are considered best practice. 


These audits allow you to properly protect your employees, customers and any visitors you have on site and will actually safeguard the entire company. If a health and safety audit isn’t carried out and someone is hurt this could result in a legal battle, fines and of course damage to the business’s reputation. 

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Do I Need a Health & Safety Audit? 


It is not a legal requirement to have a health and safety audit, however, businesses of all sizes and in all industries should consider getting regular audits for their business’s reputation and also just for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.

 Health and safety audits highlight successes and areas of improvement, giving you the best of both worlds, it keeps everyone who enters the building safe and motivates staff as they know their employers care about them. They also can safeguard a company altogether as mentioned above and even though health and safety audits are not a legal requirement, having a health and safety procedure in place is a legal requirement if there are five or more employees. 


What Happens During a Health & Safety Audit? 


As mentioned above all companies should have a health and safety procedure, health and safety audits can help you decide which procedures and policies need to take priority and how best to look after your staff and customers.


Gather Your Documentation 


First of all you will have to choose your health & safety consultancy and then you should gather all of the relevant documentation and paperwork to ensure the audit goes smoothly. The documents you will need to gather include policy statements, risk assessments, records of any safety procedures, records of any health and safety training, any safety roles and responsibilities, any working permits you have, any existing accident records, emergency plans, and all safety documentation for machinery for example. You may also want to get any past audit documentation ready as this can be a great comparison. 


The Process


Your staff will be interviewed to provide insights on working policies, staff should be honest and open about their answers, then a safety policy review will take place where your policies will be assessed to make sure that they are in line with government regulations. We will then advise you on policies you have and ones that you could have. You should always ensure that documentation is up to date as these will be reviews too. The audit will be a general walkthrough of your business to ensure everything is up to standard. 

Once the assessment is complete it will be compiled into a general report with a focus on what your business does well, what it doesn’t do well in and what the recommendations are. The actions that need to be taken should be prioritised based on risk and the likelihood of an accident. You will be talked through all this on the day, so don’t worry. 

All actions should be taken before a deadline and review date so that we can ensure that actions have been taken. Results should be published to management, this includes both things that the company is doing well and not so well, as this will help with staff morale 


Arranging An Audit


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