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First aid courses are highly beneficial to both organisations and individuals. There are also a number of first aid courses that are available in both an offline and online capacity to support the business during the current situation & pandemic. There are a number of legal requirements for some businesses or organisations in which they will be required to arrange for first aid courses but these courses can also benefit other businesses and organisations.


Acorn Health & Safety are one of the leading providers of first aid courses in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive and engaging approach to all of the training that we provide whether we are carrying out training for delegates in person or on our online training courses. To find out more information – get in touch with our team today. 


The Importance of First Aid Courses


First aid courses are highly important for a number of industries. With certain industries being high risk – they will require first aid courses and this is why it’s important to find a reputable first aid training provider. Should businesses be unsure about their legal requirements – you can also arrange for a first aid assessment or audit of your requirements. This can help you understand your needs and then arrange for the relevant first aid courses for your staff that are required. When choosing a company such as ourselves – you are able to arrange for both consultancy and training. We have supported numerous organisations to understand their requirements and provide the high-quality training that they need.


First Aid Courses – The Benefits to All Businesses


Due to the fact that there are a number of first aid courses available – arranging for first aid courses is fantastic for many different organisations. Although some businesses are legally required to arrange for first aid courses – other businesses that do not legally have to arrange for training can benefit from a range of first aid courses. For example, there are first aid courses and health & safety training courses available such as mental health first training courses as well as first aid training & other safety courses that can support wellbeing in the workplace and protect/support your business.


  • First aid training such as manual handling training & mental health training can reduce the amount of time in which staff are unwell or miss working days. This can increase productivity and performance as staff feel that they are supported.
  • Staff can feel empowered by having training provided to them by their employer – especially when relating to first aid. If you have stakeholders and clients visiting your business – it can be hard to cater for their requirements. You may require a staff member for example that has had Anaphylaxis Training if someone has an allergic reaction for example.
  • Training is beneficial to workers both inside and outside the workplace. Many first aid courses are designed to help save lives in dangerous or life-threatening situations. The ability to save a life is a great ability and this can also empower employees both in and outside of the workplace. 


Arranging for First Aid Courses & Training

The best way to arrange for first aid training and to provide first aid courses for delegates and employees is to find a reputable company. 


At Acorn we have a passion for health and safety and our dedicated and experienced team are here to help. Located in Bristol and working across the South West and beyond over 18,000 delegates and 350 businesses attend our courses or use our consultancy services every year.


To find out more about our first aid courses in Bristol and other information on the courses that we provide, please get in touch with a member of our team today.