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Since April 2017, Lucozade* energy has reduced the sugar content in all of their flavoured drinks by more than 50% after campaigners pressured the soft drinks industry to make drinks healthier in order to tackle obesity. This has led to revised guidelines for the treatment of casualties with low blood sugars (hypoglycaemia) that have long been advised to consume a small amount of the energy drink to stop them from developing hypoglycaemia, as this can lead to a diabetic coma.

First Aiders are now advised to increase the amount of fluid given to a casualty to between 160ml and 225ml to ensure they receive the right amount of glucose.  For ease, the advice being given is to give 200ml of Lemonade, Cola, Lucozade* or pure Fruit Juice as these drinks contain between 15 and 20g of glucose

Whilst existing stock is used up, and as other manufacturers follow suit in preparation for the introduction of the sugar tax in 2018, the advice being given to First Aiders is to always check the labels of any Lucozade* or other fizzy drinks they are giving the casualty to ensure the appropriate quantities are met

*Lucozade is a registered trade mark

Danny Street, Director