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Arranging for a First Aid Course With Acorn Health & Safety in Bristol


A First Aid Red Bag


Offering over 60 different courses, Acorn Health & Safety offers a range of accredited programmes, bespoke courses and e-learning ensuring that we have the right course for you.


First aid & first aid training is highly important for a number of different industries and sectors. Organising first aid training for staff members is not only a legal responsibility but is highly important in promoting the safety and welfare of staff in the workplace. Working closely with our team of health & safety expert trainers (who hold a wide variety of qualifications and have a vast amount of practical experience) you can train your staff in everything related to first aid in the workplace.


In this article, we will discuss the importance of arranging for a first aid course as well as how you can arrange for a first aid course in Bristol with Acorn Health & Safety. If you are looking for more information on the courses that we have to offer or wish to arrange for a first aid course then enquire with Acorn Health & Safety using an online contact form on our website or telephone a member of our team now on: 0117 958 2070


First Aid – Legal Responsibilities


The HSE states:


The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.”


Particularly in high-risk workplaces, the need to focus on training and courses for staff is highly important. This is due to the fact that staff welfare is of the utmost importance and arranging for relevant up-to-date training can help protect your workforce against potential accidents or injuries.


Carrying out risk assessments are one of the key ways in which you can assess what training is required and how many staff members will be required to go on training courses. There is no one size fits all and every business will have different requirements to provide ‘adequate personnel’ and this will therefore be reflected during a risk assessment of your premises.


Risk Assessment Training Course – HS07


If you are confused or concerned about carrying out a risk assessment then the first course that can help you or your business is the risk assessment training course. As making a risk assessment is important in assessing what training needs to be arranged – this course is highly beneficial in helping you assess what additional training you need to carry out. The HSE also has an interactive risk assessment tool which covers some workplaces such as charity shops, offices, shops and classrooms.


Our team of experts are also able to advise you on the relevant training that may be required for your workplace. Once you have established the type of first aid course that you will require – we offer a wide range of courses to cater to your individual requirements and needs.


Arranging for First Aid Training With Acorn Health & Safety


Our portfolio for first aid training includes the following courses:


  • Anaphylaxis – ANA01
  • Adults and Paediatric Basic Life Support – BLS05
  • Basic Life Support for Adults Training –­­ BLS01
  • Basic Life Support for Paediatric – BLS03
  • Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation – AED01
  • Bespoke First Aid Training – FA05 / FA11
  • First Aid at Work Training
  • First Aid at Work – FA02
  • First Aid at Work Annual Refresher – FA04
  • First Aid at Work Re-Qualification – FA03
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Training – FA01
  • First Aid for Infants and Children – FA07
  • 16 Hour Outdoor First Aid including QA Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF) – FA08
  • Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid – FA06
  • AED Trainer Training – AED03


As you can see from the portfolio of courses that we have to offer, we can work closely with your business or organisation to arrange for the first aid courses and first aid training that you need. 


Why Do Customers Choose Acorn Safety as Their Training Providers?


At Acorn Health & Safety, we have been providing training since day one – it’s our passion! The ability to save someone’s life is very special and this is why we carry out a wide range of courses for clients in a huge array of different sectors and businesses. As mentioned, our administration team and health and safety consultants can discuss your specific requirements and therefore take into consideration your legal duties, published guidance and the types of injuries that may occur in your workplace.


We approach training that is provided in a relaxed and informative way. We can deliver training that is designed either to meet industry related requirements or tailor-made training that caters to your business’s or orginisation’s specific and varied needs. As different industries will have different first aid requirements, we can provide a training course that suits you and your organisation.


What to Expect When Attending a First Aid Course in Bristol With Acorn Health & Safety


When attending a first aid course with Acorn Health & Safety, we provide all of the necessary practical hands on skills and theoretical knowledge that you or your staff will need. We offer lifesaving practical skills that can be used within any organisation or in everyday life. Our team are also available after training has been completed to answer any questions that you may have going forwards after training has been completed. 


We offer in-house programmes in which you will send delegates to our purpose built training centre in Warmley, Bristol. We can also arrange to carry out training at any suitable venue to suit you and your business or organisation. 


About Our First Aid Trainers & Consultants


Our trainers and consultants come with a wide variety of professional backgrounds which allows them to offer you a wide range of information and practical knowledge. As our customers have an equally diverse range of professional backgrounds – it’s important that our trainers and consultants have the knowledge to be able to offer industry-based advice and knowledge relating to first aid.


We also provide a wide range of resources both during and after the course. We will provide delegates with a variety of printed resources and materials – and delegates will receive the relevant certification at the end of the course. We also offer open courses which are designed and are particularly suited for individuals or organisations with only a few delegates or if you can only release small groups of staff at one time.  


Our Anaphylaxis Training – ANA01

Information on Anaphylaxis

Although allergic reactions are covered across many of our standard first aid courses, we offer this course for those who require a little more information on the subject. This course is often taught to staff where colleagues or children have anaphylaxis. In this course the following is covered by our team of experts:


  • Ability to identify common trigger factors.
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Ability to treat anaphylaxis correctly.
  • Using an auto-injection device correctly.
  • Administer intramuscular adrenaline 1:1000
  • Understand the follow up management and treatment that is required.


The course is of the duration of 1 hour.


We can offer tailored training to suit the needs and requirements of your business or organisation to the letter. You can either decide to carry out training at our purpose built training centre or arrange external training carried out at a suitable venue.


Bespoke First Aid Training For You – FA05 / FA11


Highly popular in businesses and schools that require additional knowledge and skills to those learned on our other first aid courses – our bespoke first aid training courses are tailored to you.


Our courses are delivered by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers who hold adult teaching qualifications that are supported by professional qualifications. Having a wide range of experience from a diverse range of backgrounds such as the armed forces, nursing, hospitality and Voluntary Aid Societies as well as other industries before becoming qualified instructors – you can be sure that the training provided is of the highest quality.


Our bespoke first aid course covers the following topics:


  • The unconscious casualty.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the safe use of a defibrillator
  • Management of a choking casualty
  • External bleeding and shock
  • Catastrophic bleeding and the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings


A basic level of general fitness is required due to the physical nature of the training that is provided.


We’ll provide delegates with a variety of printed course materials including workbooks and handouts.  On successful completion of this course delegates will receive a printed course certificate.


Post course, our advisors are available to offer support and we will send you an automatic reminder prior to course expiry.


Our First Aid for Infants & Children Course – FA07


Our First Aid for Infants & Children course covers the following topics:


  • Planning for and dealing with first aid emergencies involving children and babies.
  • Contents of a first aid kid.
  • Accident and incident reporting.
  • Unconsciousness and the recovery position.
  • Choking.
  • Minor cuts, bites, stings, bleeding and shock.
  • Allergic Reactions.
  • Broken bones and sprains.
  • Head bumps.
  • Asthma
  • Burns


Our team of expert consultants and trainers are readily available to offer training around first aid for infants and children. Our courses are delivered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic first aid trainers all of whom hold adult teaching qualifications supported by professional qualifications.


This course is ideally suited for those who work with children and who require first aid training / qualifications for their job role. We will provide delegates with a variety of printed materials which include handouts and workbooks. As this course is of a practical nature, good levels of general fitness are required for this course.


All of our trainers have hands on experience from a variety of backgrounds and are extremely passionate about every subject and course that they teach. Post course, our consultants are also readily available to answer any questions that you may have and advise you about the application of your course to your workplace. You can arrange for an in-house course at our purpose built training centre or arrange for off-site training in a suitable venue of your choosing.

What are the Benefits of Arranging for First Aid Training?

In certain cases, first aid training will be a legal requirement. These will usually be higher-risk working environments so in these cases arranging for first aid training will be mandatory. However, arranging for first aid training can be beneficial for a wide range of workplaces regardless of whether the training is a legal requirement. There are many different benefits for arranging for first aid training which are as follows.

First Aid Training is a Great Team Building Exercise

Should your organisation arrange for multiple staff members to attend a first aid training course, this can be a highly effective team building exercise. The team building aspect of first aid training also applies to the roles and responsibilities of first aiders in the workplace. First aid isn’t just informational, it’s a fun and engaging way to learn about first aid and the requirements that face your organisation or business.

First Aid Training Can Save Lives

The ability to save a life is a wonderful thing and first aid training can be used outside of the workplace as well as in the workplace. Accidents can happen whilst at the workplace or in public places so being fully trained in first aid could help in a serious or life threatening situation. CPR training for example saves lives as immediate action can be taken before the healthcare services arrive and can help keep people alive before help arrives. The fact that a business also has a registered first aider proves that they care about their workforce and their safety is their priority.

Accidents Can Be Prevented or Made Less Serious

Immediate intervention is often highly important when an accident occurs. Should a qualified first aider be present in the building then they are able to take action quickly and contact the emergency services should this be required. If an accident does occur – immediate first aid can reduce recovery time for the patient and this is also beneficial if the patient is a member of your workforce. 

Ensuring Proper Use & Maintenance of First Aid Kits

An appointed first aider will be able to properly use and maintain the first aid kit that is located in your premises. This also extends to knowing exactly where the first aid kit is located and will allow the use and provision of first aid when this is required.

Promoting the Welfare and Safety of Your Workforce

Arranging for first aid training is a fantastic and effective way to promote the welfare and safety of your workforce or staff. In high-risk workplaces, it is more often than not required to have an appointed and trained first aider. In lower-risk workplaces, a person will be required to make arrangements for first aid in the workplace but won’t necessarily be required to be qualified in first aid. However as we have touched upon – there are still a range of benefits so you may find that you will benefit from arranging for staff to have first aid training.

If you are unsure about your requirements then it’s vital to carry out a risk assessment. This will allow you to assess the needs and requirements of your workplace and allow you to make the relevant provisions should this be required. If further provisions are required then you can go ahead and arrange for the relevant training to take place. We are also available to advise and support you should you require further information on your first aid or health & safety requirements. Get in contact with a member of our expert team today to find out more about the requirements for your workplace.

Contact Acorn Health & Safety Today

First Aid Training, CPR demonstration

At Acorn Health & Safety, we are fully equipped to provide and cater for all of your needs relating to first aid courses and arranging for a first aid course. Our team of expert consultants and trainers are on hand to help your business or organisation in training first aiders and helping you to understand your requirements for first aiders in the workplace. We can also advise and support you on what you need to do for your specific industry and can tailor courses to suit your industry or business sector. 


Should you be looking to arrange for first aid courses in Bristol or if you require further information on all of the courses that we have to offer then contact our team now using an online contact form on our website or telephone us now on: 0117 958 2070