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At Acorn Health & Safety, we have worked with numerous clients across many major industries. Every business will have legal as well as recommended Health & Safety requirements and health and safety can also be confusing and unclear to business owners and those in charge of the safety of staff. This is why working with a dedicated and experienced health & safety consultant is ideally suited for those who want to create a comprehensive health and safety policy. From construction to charities, health care professionals, health and social care to retail and other businesses – we have supported clients from a wide range of major industries. We are able to carry out a thorough assessment and ensure that you have all of the recommendations and requirements that you need as well as access to the training that your staff may require.


We are one of the leading health and safety consultants in Bristol and the South West and beyond. We are fully equipped to provide you with the health and safety advice & support that you may need as well as being able to provide comprehensive assessments to ensure that you are fully equipped, legally compliant and also have access to additional recommendations to improve the welfare of staff.


To arrange a consultation, you can call our team directly or use an online contact form on our website.


Health & Safety for the Construction Industry


Our consultants and trainers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and many have been involved in the construction industry. Health and safety are highly important for these industries as many work-sites or construction areas will tend to be medium to high risk in terms of risk and risk management. We work with over 100 local trades, construction and building management providers so we can offer you specific and accurate advice in terms of your health and safety requirements and recommendations to improve your health and safety policies. This includes:


  • Support with SSIP accreditation schemes
  • Health and safety policies and documentation
  • Supplier questionnaires
  • Site inspections
  • Construction-related training


Health & Safety for Schools, Colleges, University & Child Care


Whether an entire inset day is required for staff training or a health and safety consultancy is required – we can support you. There are a number of different qualifications that may need to be acquired by staff and we can support you in identifying training gaps and highlighting training that is legally required and training that is recommended. We also offer from as little as £126 a month, our ‘Hassle Free’ retained consultancy service provides a bespoke health and safety solution specific to your needs and the needs of your organisation and most importantly the children in your care.


Whether your staff require specialised training such as epilepsy training, administering specific medicines, training relating to allergens, first aid training or other courses – we are able to support you. We are consultants that also offer training with our expert staff and our staff and consultants come from many backgrounds in the child care, nursing and safeguarding roles.


Health & Safety for Charities & Local Authorities


We provide a number of tailored training courses for workers in charities and local authority work. There are a number of different courses and consultancies that we can carry out to support a charity or local authority. To asbestos awareness and identification to our ‘Hassle Free’ retained consultancy – we have worked with many local charities and local authorities. We also offer our services to the retail industry, which may also have a number of requirements similar to these industries and sectors. We are also experts in food safety training and can support charities, businesses or local authorities that serve food on their premises.


Speaking to the Team at Acorn About Your Requirements

Every business will have regulations and laws that they must follow and there will always be recommendations to be made in terms of gaps in skill sets in which training would be of benefit. If you are trying to understand your health and safety requirements across any major industry – we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.


To arrange a consultation, you can call our team directly or use an online contact form on our website.