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Online Fire Marshal and Fire Warden – FIRE03L

Our online Fire Marshal Training Course (also referred to as online fire warden) is a bespoke course that is aimed at staff members looking to take on the role of fire marshal within a business or organisation. We are able to personally tailor the course to suit you and your organisations’ needs and support your organisation with your requirements for a fire marshal.

Our online variation of this course is perfectly suited for those who wish to arrange for fire marshal training without having to physically attend a session. This may be due to concerns regarding the pandemic or those who find it more convenient to join a training course remotely. Our online course is still the great training that you would expect being delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer with high levels of interaction.

Where required all course materials are provided in advance of training, all you need is access to the internet and a suitable device (computer, laptop, I-pad or similar) to join in.

“The part I found most helpful was learning about the different types of epilepsy and the way to administer the medication.  I feel confident I will know what to look out for now.”

Aspirations, March 2017

Why do our customers choose us?

Acorn Health and Safety FireSafety Training and Consultancy

We provide the necessary Fire Safety theoretical knowledge and confidence in current practices and procedures, helping you to remain legally compliant and protect your business, employees, and customers. Employees and stakeholders benefit through the prevention and management of fire safety incidents which protects your business both financially and legally.

We achieve great levels of interaction in all of the courses that we provide and we have endeavoured to create a variety of online courses that continue to provide the great levels of interaction that delegates expect from our courses. The different teaching methodologies that are employed as well as our knowledge and experience and the opportunity for delegates to interact with each other / the trainer ensures that our online training is highly educational and interactive.

All of our courses are delivered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic consultants and trainers all of whom hold adult teaching qualifications supported by a professional qualification and considerable, hands-on practical experience which is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Teaching 18,000 delegates a year, Acorn Health & Safety offer offline and online training (for selected courses) to individuals, groups & teams. We are committed to providing excellent training delivered in a relaxed, yet informative style.


How do we approach fire marshal and fire warden training?


Employees who are designated as a Fire Marshal will understand their role and their duties within the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) (2005).  Our course programme employs a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of individual delegates and includes the following:


  • Fire precautions regulations / legislation
  • Chemistry of fire and how fire spreads
  • Types and classifications of fires
  • Common causes of fire
  • Safety features within buildings
  • Fire risk assessment (as a fire marshal)
  • Fire extinguishers - theory
  • Safe evacuation of premises
  • Action at assembly points


We have adapted to provide the above in an online capacity in a highly interactive and informative session.  We use PowerPoint presentations, breakout groups and rooms, video clips to demonstrate the safe and effective use of portable fire fighting appliances and allow plenty of time to answer any questions specific to your workplace.


This course is of 3 hours (half day) duration.


NEW - Both classroom and online courses are now available


For information on our 'Live Streamed' on-line courses

For information on our classroom based training



What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?


We provide delegates with course materials including workbooks and handouts that you can access online. Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a printed courses certificate. After your course is complete, our team of consultants and trainers are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Our online ‘fire marshal and fire warden’ course is just one of over 60 courses we offer. Acorn Health & Safety provides training and consultancy in first aidfire safetyfood safetymanual handlinghealthcare training and health and safety.

Please contact us to discuss all of your training needs. We are able to advise you further on our online courses as well as any other course that we have to offer. In many cases - our training can be adapted to include reference to local policy, practice and documentation.

Attending our online fire marshal & warden training course is an ideal way to receive exceptional training from a place that is convenient for you or your staff. All you need is access to the internet and a suitable device (computer, laptop, I-pad or similar) to join in.

Not every course can be 'off the shelf'.

Our tailored health and safety training is aimed at meeting the needs of customers who have specific subjects to be covered within their health and safety staff training.

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Prefer to talk about your training and consultancy needs?

Call our team we are happy to help 0117 958 2070, if it’s out of hours or you prefer e-mail –

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