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Sharon Stiles is an experienced hypnotherapist providing sessions in Bristol and worldwide through  online hypnotherapy sessions. She offers hypnotherapy, NLPEMDRCBTEFT and Chinosis and has successfully helped people to overcome problems and make dramatic changes in their lives.

Her website explains how she uses hypnotherapy and other techniques to help you make the changes you want in your life. Here you will also find available workshops and you can join her mailing list to get the latest information.

As we move into our second national lockdown, one of her workshops may be particularly useful as it explains ways to reduce emotional fatigue, something which is affecting most people now after 7 months of uncertainty and constant change.  Some of the other topics are sleep, Christmas, debt, redundancy, nutrition and exercise.

Her Healthier Bristol event runs from 16th – 22nd November and brings you a wide range of events to help you live a healthier life covering aspects of mental, emotional and physical health. Sharon is also offering Free 1:1 fifteen minute hypnosis tasters. Find out more about how to enjoy a refreshing personalised relaxation or ask any questions about hypnosis that you would love to know the answer to.

All of the events are free and even if you can’t attend live, as many as possible will be recorded so you can catch up with them later (though attending some of the workshops live gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get involved).

If you are struggling with any other coronavirus issues such as wearing a mask, have anxiety about changes or health then contact Sharon and she can teach you a variety of self help techniques to address your concerns.

She also has some free resources too to help you find calmness which reduces anxiety and stress and helps to support your immune system.