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HSE inspectors are in the process of visiting metal fabrication businesses across Great Britain to ensure dutyholders know the risks associated with welding fumes and metalworking fluids.

They also need to have controls in place to protect worker’s respiratory health. Further information on this can be found here

Thousands of people die from work-related lung diseases every year. Machining using metalworking fluids (MWF) creates mist that is hazardous to health. Inhalation of fume from welding can cause cancer and inhalation of the mist can result in occupational asthma. Through the metal fabrication inspections, the HSE are highlighting the risks of occupational asthma and the devastating impact lung disease has on workers’ lives.

The inspection will concentrate on the measures in place to control exposure to water-mix metalworking fluids. The attached document provides further details and guidance so you can ensure your workplace has effective measures in place.