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Moving & Handling People conference 2012 logoMoving & Handling People 2012 is more than just a conference – it is ‘the premier moving and handling people event of the year’ – claim the organisers, DLF, the Disabled Living Foundation.

At Acorn we are pleased to highlight the MHP event as we feel that it is of great value to some of our training and consultancy clients, and important to the healthcare sector, where we do a lot of our work.

Challenges for healthcare service providers

The DLF identify that the provision of healthcare is changing and consequently setting many challenges for service providers. With further financial restrictions likely, the one thing that remains constant is the need to provide services which are responsive to organisational and individual client needs. Providing information and guidance in the area of moving and handling may be provided by health and safety, therapists or others.

With this in mind, the 2012 conference theme is ‘The Architecture of Good Practice’

The organisers highlight that attending this event will help you to:

  • demonstrate practical competencies and CPD in your field of practice
  • be market aware
  • know how products can be developed to meet with your client’s needs

Moving & Handling or Back Care Advisory Service

Many organisations now have a dedicated service: the Moving & Handling or Back Care Advisory Service, comprising different elements of service provision including:

  • Interpreting legislation & professional guidance to produce policies and procedures for the organisation and workers to create a Healthy and Safe environment and a health and safety conscious workforce
  • Working as part of the organisation’s risk management strategy
  • Undertaking ergonomic assessments of handling tasks for both workers and clients
  • Providing education, training, advice and information to workers

These elements are interconnected and, as with ergonomic risk factors in a moving and handling situation, must be managed with strategic policies, realistic working protocols and safe practices.

Without these, worker and client health and safety could be adversely affected and lead to musculoskeletal injury.

NB. Acorn works with, trains and advises many organisations in the healthcare sector on just these topics.

What the Moving & Handling People event offers you:

The event website highlights many benefits that you can gain by attending, including:

  • Review of your policies, protocols and practices
  • Interactive practical problem-solving workshops
  • Biggest product exhibition for manual handling professionals in the UK
  • CPD-accredited professional update
  • Network with suppliers and colleagues from around the UK
  • One year’s free access to an information portal of equipment for moving & handling people

Pre-conference New Products Workshops on 1 February

The optional Pre-conference New Products Workshops on 1 February will feature new equipment, emerging products in development and bespoke equipment, providing delegates with the opportunity to:

  • See and try out the latest new equipment
  • Raise awareness of new products available and suppliers
  • Discuss how new equipment can be used to improve safer handling
  • Discuss product developments including bespoke items with experienced facilitators & suppliers

Please note – products included in the Pre-Conference New Products Workshops will not be included in the main conference workshops.


Visit the Moving & Handling People 2012 event website for further information and to register.

If you would like advice or training on topics related to the healthcare sector please contact Acorn  and we will be delighted to see how we can help.