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Fire engine

FIRE devastated a Patchway home after a mum suffered an epileptic fit while smoking a cigarette.

Kay Foster and her three children have been left temporarily homeless  after a fire ripped through her house at Rodway Road, Patchway on January 23.

The blaze caused severe damage to the ground floor of the three-bedroom house, destroying all of her possessions and many of the children’s Christmas presents, while the upstairs suffered smoke damage.

Friends have been fundraising for the family to help her rebuild her life after the fire caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage.

The 30-year-old epileptic had been having a cigarette by the French doors in her lounge when she had a seizure and collapsed. The next thing she knew she woke in a smoke-filled room, managing to crawl across the floor to the front door and call for help. Ms Foster was taken to hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation and a bang to the head.

It will be at least nine months before Ms Foster and her children – who were at their father’s house on the night of the fire – can return to the property.

The stay-at-home mum to Fletcher, seven, and twins Ruby and Kian, six, said: “I was having a cigarette out of the back door and had a seizure.

“I remember nothing else. The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor and the room was full of smoke and I managed to crawl to the front door and was screaming.

“Everything has been destroyed and it has left me totally devastated.”

The fire also destroyed a specialist buggy and sensory toys used by her six-year-old son Kian who suffers with hydrocephalus and brain damage after being born eight weeks prematurely. Ms Foster and the children are now staying with her parents, Jane and Chris, in Patchway while the council tries to find them temporary accommodation. Friends and family have rallied around, donating clothes and toys for the children and offering her household items. Her friend Louise Truckle organised a fundraising day at the Plough Inn, Pilning, to raise cash to help her try to replace the items lost in the blaze.

Ms Foster said: “The children have been very upset by what has happened and Ruby is particularly traumatised and won’t let me out of her sight.

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