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With recent news and the Government’s roadmap to the easing of lockdown and the potential end of lockdown across the country, there are some organisations that will have been carrying out remote working for close to a year. With speculation as to what the ‘new normal’ may look like in the future with home working potentially becoming more popular with a wide variety of businesses – you may be unsure of your requirements in terms of health & safety upon the return to office work, working on-site or remote working. We are here to advise and support you on returning to work as well as advising on your requirements during the easing of lockdown. Although the roadmap has been produced – it is highly likely that there still will be challenges during 2021 which is why businesses still need to have strict and vigorous COVID-19 regulations and processes.

Acorn Health & Safety are able to offer you a variety of services relating to COVID-19 including 



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COVID-19 Audits to Help When Returning From Lockdown


It’s still not too late to arrange for a COVID-19 audit to assist in returning to the workplace when easing begins. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to work with a wide variety of organisations to advise them on steps that they should take as well as assisting them with their legal duties especially with regularly changing and sometimes contradictory Government guidance. Our audits include:


– Developing COVID-19 screening checklists

– Advice on PPE

– The provision of face fit testing

– Specific advice for those working in COVID-19 positive environments

– Advice on home working including mental health, DSE and vulnerable staff

– Researched and implemented a variety of social distancing controls

– COVID-19 risk assessments

– Managing staff teams whether they be anxious or complacent


When returning to work your business or organisation must be aware and prepared for the primary hazards from exposure to the Coronavirus. You must also ensure control measures are in place to prevent the transmission of illness within your workplace. Although easing is being carried out and the vaccination programme is being rolled out across the country – there are still current risks associated with the transmission of the virus. 


Arranging for a COVID-19 Risk Assessment

One of the major things that we have learned from the pandemic is that there are no two businesses or their staff that are the same. The control measures that need to be in place will always differ which is why we have advised and supported a variety of businesses in COVID-19 specific risk assessments. Each working environment presents its own set of challenges and returning to the workplace can naturally cause some staff to be concerned or anxious about returning into an environment where they could potentially contract the disease. Each assessment focuses on home working, the workplace, travel and working in other places.

Upon workers returning to work – you need to carry out a risk assessment and take reasonable steps to protect people from harm as well as what work activities could result in exposure to the virus. You must also consider who might be affected and you need to eliminate the risk if you can. If you cannot eliminate the risk – it must be controlled. Please contact us to book your Risk Assessment


To find out more information, you can visit the relevant pages or get in touch with our expert team by emailing us directly or calling now.


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