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“I found it all very helpful and interesting. In future at work, I will ensure to keep in mind safe practice at work and ask about lockdown plan and whereabouts of the defibrillator. I really enjoyed how enthusiastic he was and he made the session interesting and fun. I feel I learn better when a trainer is enthusiastic. I enjoyed hearing his stories.”


“The trainer was fantastic – excellent training, very engaging and a genuinely lovely human being. In future at work, I will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to offer emergency first aid to students and staff at my very busy workplace. 10/10”


“I really enjoyed the flow of the day and how it naturally followed our conversations instead of being rigid. The trainer was really engaging teacher and the anecdotes given by him and the group helped me understand the situations more. In future at work, I will be much more aware of the procedure and I understand the different terminology and order behind things. 10/10”