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“I just wanted to feedback how excellent the trainer at Acorn was on my First Response course. The training was extremely practical, very mindful of our particular roles in Girlguiding and the age groups that we are expecting to encounter, but covering adults and children of course, he answered lots of extra questions and was very friendly. We also got to try out the training devices for defibs, and adrenaline pens for diabetes – both tools that many of us were very un-confident about before the session. The trainer made the Sunday fly by, with both personal and professional experience to draw upon and made us all feel secure to share our own. He gave a lot of extra insights that were incredibly useful, including apps we might want to recommend and current dangerous trends e.g apps and trends that may cause risk that the girls might be persuaded to try e.g. the ‘salt and ice’ challenge, I thoroughly recommend we try to procure him for other Girlguiding sessions. I will have more confidence in treatment and practical elements since this training.10/10”