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“Excellent course. I have really enjoyed the 3 days. It’s been so informative and I feel I have gained so many skills. The trainer was very knowledgeable and her stories kept the days going and made them fun. I have gained a huge amount of confidence in my practice.”

SF, Culverhill School

“Amanda (trainer) was brilliant. Kept us all engaged throughout the 3 days, added humour and kept it all interesting. Knowledge of Amanda was brilliant, offering real life scenarios and situations to keep it real and relatable. The pace was good and it was a great mix of practical and listening – really enjoyed the 3 days which was unexpected! Thank you. 10/10”

HG, Wellsway School

“Thank you Amanda for making the course fun and relaxed and making me feel comfortable as I don’t like things like this. I was made to feel very welcomed and included and felt comfortable as I can be very shy. 10/10”

NJ, St Ursulas e-act Academy

“Amanda was brilliant. Right balance of teaching and hands-on. Also humour and when to be serious. It was excellent overall; the pace, content and delivery. I had almost no awareness previously and now feel able to carry out first aid to a high standard. 10/10”

EH, Hargreaves Lansdown