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“It was great fun and engaging. I liked not having a wordy powerpoint. Good pace – had time to take information in, not just having information spat at you which was good, Thank you.”


“The trainer (Amanda) was very knowledgeable, listening attentively to any questions, also adding in a sense of reality which made it feel a little bit less classrooms based, was a very interactive experience. It has given me the confidence in putting vital skills to work, particularly as a Manager, the skills become prevalent.”


“I found the course was excellent, both in its practicality and knowledge, it managed to provide a large sum of knowledge in a limited time, while also keeping it fun and engaging. I now feel more confident with some of the issues I may find at work. 10/10”


“I very much enjoyed the course. It was descriptive and kept my attention the whole time. It was easy to understand and very inclusive. Amanda (trainer) was cool. 10/10”