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“I just wanted to email in to say a massive THANK YOU to the trainer who taught me the 16 Hour Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course today. After passing my training today, for the first time, I had a situation where my training was needed and I was at the right place at the right time. I felt so confident and comfortable to handle the situation and help out the person immediately, remaining calm, reassuring them and keeping them safe and warm whilst monitoring them when waiting for the paramedics, and of course remembering all my training from earlier on. Without the trainer,  I would have definitely not have the confidence to handle the situation as calmly and efficiently as I did, this first aid training I feel is so amazing in comparison to all the other first aid training I have had previously. He was the first ever first aid teacher who empowered me, supported me and made me feel comfortable to help out when needed. The whole training was fun and informative, knowledgeable the most i have ever learned in first aid. I felt it was important for me to email in and inform you of this, without them I might not have been so confident in helping out during an emergency and who know’s what might of happened if I didn’t have the confidence as I did after my training. The person is safe and is currently being medically treated by the paramedics and hospital. This situation was so unexpected and in public, and I felt so confident in my knowledge taught to use what I have been taught to help preserve live’s.”