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Do you regularly find items missing from your first aid kits?  A few weeks ago I cut myself in the office and went to the first aid kit for a plaster, we are a fairly low risk office environment so imagine my surprise when there was not one plaster to be found.  There was an empty plaster box but not a single plaster and neither I or our Office Manager were aware of any recent accidents!

First aid kits aren’t always checked regularly and missing items aren’t uncommon, people take plasters for blisters, safety pins for damaged clothing and bandages for injured pets at home!

I often advise customers to ‘seal’ their first aid kits to prevent tampering and ensure they are fully stocked with the correct items should an emergency occur.  You can use tamper evident tags, micro-pore tape or even a plaster.  Just seal across the opening, around the handle or use the hole provided.  It’s worthwhile recording content expiry dates at the same time.

Danny Street

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