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The government have made it clear that all employers must undertake a COVID-19 a risk assessment, which organisations employing more than 50 are being asked to publish.

Risk assessment involves a careful examination of anything in the workplace that could cause injury, harm or ill health to employees or others, as a result of the work tasks being undertaken. The assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork. It is about identifying and implementing suitable sensible measures to control and reduce the risks arising from significant, foreseeable hazards in the workplace including infection of Covid-19.

In the past few weeks we’ve support retailers, financial institutions, manufacturers, IT companies with the completion of risk assessment on their behalf, using not only our general knowledge of health and safety, but also our experiences having worked throughout this pandemic.  We’ve also supported and made available a risk assessment template to our retained customers.

One thing we have found is that staff teams and the physical working environment differ considerably, and there is definitely not a one size fits all approach.  Each business must be considered individually, as should the control measures needed to keep everyone safe, and on the right side of the law.

We are offering a live streamed Risk Assessment training course on the 23rd June aimed at employees or managers with the responsibility for carrying out risk assessments within their workplace;

We are a leading provider of health and safety Consultancy in the South West. Whether you require support with a one-off assessment, or a complete health and safety management system we are here to help.