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Danger Asbestos Written on Yellow Tape

Our asbestos awareness training course is aimed at anyone who may have a responsibility for managing a building which contains asbestos within the fabric of the premises, or who has employees who may unknowingly encounter an asbestos-containing product during the course of their work.



Course delegates regularly comment that they did not know the extent to which asbestos has been used, where the material could be found, and in what type of product. Duty holders also did not know of specific duties to be undertaken in respect of managing the material in situ and making visiting contractors aware of asbestos hazards. Constant feedback informs us that delegates found the course interesting, thought provoking, and that awareness had been significantly increased.

Asbestos has been in use for thousands of years and is more recently known as a construction material. Because of excellent physical properties, low cost and almost unlimited availability asbestos can be found in roofing sheets, pipe and boiler insulation, friction products, plastics, floor tiles, textiles, rainwater systems, boards and many other products. We now know that breathing in microscopic asbestos fibres in any quantity can cause serious illnesses, some of which have no known cure. Asbestos today is known as a significant industrial killer.

There are regularly court cases against companies who have not properly protected their workers against asbestos exposure. Secondary exposure to toxic asbestos has declined considerably in recent decades, but known cases of malignant mesothelioma caused by that type of asbestos exposure have continued to climb. Increasing awareness has led to the contrasting trends and an expected rise in personal injury lawsuits involving secondary asbestos exposure.

The law requires construction based workers (plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other trades) to undertake regular training in asbestos awareness, but other workers are also at risk. Teachers, archaeologists, vehicle mechanics and ships engineers for instance, are examples of workers who should also be made aware of the dangers of asbestos, and many people from these professions have benefited from our training.

Our course meets an exacting and approved standard. Course delegates will learn about the different types of asbestos, the beneficial properties of the material, adverse health effects associated with asbestos dust, where asbestos can commonly be found and what the law has in place both to protect workers and to enable duty holders to comply with legal requirements.

We have had some great feedback from delegates regarding this course which you can find on our testimonials page, such as:

“Course contents and delivery was excellent. 10/10”

 “This course has influenced me to be more aware at work. 10/10”

“I will be more cautious on my approach now when I’m at work. 10/10”

We offer this as an Open course at our Warmley training centre which are particularly suited for individuals, organisations that only have a few delegates or those looking to release small groups of staff at a time.

We also offer this as an ‘in-house’ course which is the most cost effective option if you’ve a number of staff requiring training, and in many cases can be adapted to include reference to local policy, practice and documentation.