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Acorn Health and Safety e learning online training

E-learning has been part of our standard course offering for the past four years, however understandably we have received numerous enquiries from customers during the past few months,

We offer a large selection of e-learning courses to complement the classroom-based learning we offer on our open courses and are constantly adding new courses into our online library.



In the last few weeks we have added 4 NEW E-Learning courses to our portfolio:

A number of customers are using e-learning:

  • As an alternative to face to face learning
  • To ensure they continue to meet their statutory duties
  • As an opportunity to further develop staff members whilst working from home
  • They are a great solution to the challenges that we currently face and provide high-quality education for delegates to complete at their own place and time.

Our e-learning courses are accredited by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), the Legionella Control Association (LCA), the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP).

E-learning is the act of engaging in an educational course in an online setting. It can help learners complete education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility than they can with traditional classroom-based learning. The courses give the learner the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. They can study and work at their convenience. These benefits help delegates balance work and family commitments with their learning.

Due to its convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time. Everyone can take advantage of web-based learning.

View our full portfolio of E-Learning courses here