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moving and handling training course Bristol

According to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (2018/19), work related Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSD) accounted for 37% of work related ill health. This equates to 6.9 million work days lost due to work related MSD.

The main causes for injuries are not just lifting and carrying, but also keyboard work, repetitive movements and awkward positions.

In our manual handling of clients courses, we look to equip all attendees with both the knowledge and skills on how to move people correctly but also importantly also look at body posture when carrying out different types of lifting.

Our portfolio of Manual Handling of clients courses includes:

Manual Handling Training: E-learning
E-learning is cost-effective, accessible 24/7 and available to purchase for single users of those requiring block licences.  E-learning is generally suited to those staff members working in lower risk environments, staff members who work remotely or find it difficult to access face to face learning.  A number of organisations use e-learning effectively to cover manual handling theory and enabling them to focus on practical training in the workplace

Manual Handling Training: Face to face learning
Face to face learning can be delivered in-house at client’s premises or as an open course for individuals, staff members and smaller groups of learners.  Typically an initial course takes between two-three hours for general moving and handling, increasing to up to six hours for those organisations with specific needs, such as those involved in the moving and handling of people.

For those working in the health and care sector we offer a Foundation Course, which is an all-day course covering both the theory of moving and handling people the legal issues involved along with practical work using a wide variety of equipment. In addition to this we offer a specific handling children course and refresher training enabling participants to update their knowledge and skills using a wide variety of equipment.  We also offer an emergency handling course where we focus on dealing with collapses and falls. All of our people handling courses are aligned with Skills for Health’s Core Skills Training Framework, giving you the confidence that the training will be both relevant and to high standard.

Manual Handling Training: Trainer training
A number of organisations train their staff as ‘moving and handling trainers’ which takes between two and six days depending on the type of course required.  The ability can offer significant cost savings, allows training to be provided where and when required and meets individual organisational needs.

In addition to these we also offer evacuation chair training which is undertaken at your site and will ensure that attendees will be confident in using your evacuation chair in an emergency.

Choosing what’s right for you
With the exception of e-learning, our moving and handling courses can be easily adaptable to offer bespoke versions of our courses to ensure that we cover the specific tasks your staff undertake and where possible in their actual working environment to reflect the often varied and individual needs of organisations and their staff teams.

When deciding the right training for your organisation, it is worthwhile to take a few minutes to understand your particular needs. We suggest you consider:

  • Observing staff members moving and handling
  • Reviewing manual handling risk assessments
  • Speaking to safety professionals and HR departments
  • Speak to team leaders, supervisors and managers
  • Looking at accident and ill health statistics
  • Speaking to staff members carrying our activities on a day to day basis

If you have any specific questions or needs, please do get in touch and we will happily take the time to help you choose the right training for your organisation. Our exceptional trainers can come to your premises to carry out the training or our Open Courses take place in our purpose built Manual Handling training suite.