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Vegetabes: Best Served WashedThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) launched a new campaign reminding people to wash raw vegetables to help minimise the risk of food poisoning.

The campaign is in response to E.coli outbreaks in Britain and abroad this year including one linked to soil on raw vegetables and another caused by contaminated sprouted seeds.

The focus of the campaign is to reinforce existing food safety advice about storage, handling and cooking of food,
including raw vegetables.

Vegetables: Best Served Washed

The “Vegetables: Best Served Washed” campaign messages include:

  • Always wash hands thoroughly before and after handling raw food, including vegetables
  • Keep raw foods, including vegetables, separate from ready-to-eat foods
  • Use different chopping boards, knives and utensils for raw and ready-to-eat foods, or wash thoroughly in between preparing different foods
  • Unless packaging around vegetables says ‘ready-to-eat’ you must wash, peel or cook them before consuming

For more details on the campaign go to the Food Standards Agency website.


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