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Business New Years Resolutions from Acorn Health and Safety

Sat in the office between Christmas and the New Year I thought I’d come up with a few ‘New Years’ resolutions for offices,  small steps that can improve our health, safety and welfare at work.  Let’s see how long you can make these last:


  • Test fire alarms every week
  • Check emergency lighting once a month
  • Check the first aid kit once a month
  • Take a break from PC monitors and undertake a different task to give your eyes a rest every hour
  • Eat lunch
  • Have a glass or bottle of fresh water on your desk
  • Get up from your desk at lunchtime, take a stroll and take in some fresh air
  • Speak to the person sat opposite you or in the office next door, don’t e-mail them!
  • Declutter your work area, remove spare shoes from under your desk, don’t put things on the floor
  • If you see something that broken or needs fixing report it, don’t leave it to someone else

Danny Street, Director