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We’ve received great feedback from our satisfied customers and trainees over the years. Here is just a handful of their comments

“The delivery of the IOSH Managing Safely course was perfectly blended between reading and discussion/participation.”

Rolland DG UK Ltd, April 2017

What our customers say about us

“The trainer Liam was really professional and delivered the training really well. Nice environment/pace of training. This has spiked a training interest for me. Great and informative course. 10/10”

HS, Bannerman Road Academy

“I think this course and others should be advertised so others know about it/can take it. I hope to get members of my brass band to take the course. 10/10”

JM, Saltford School

“Trainers knowledge was outstanding (Liam). Large improvement on any course I’ve attended before. I am leaving confidently. 10/10”

NF, Kingsweston School

Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid - Qualsafe
April 2024

“This training has given me so much information and the confidence to at least try to save a persons life. My husband has atrial fibrillation (a type of arrhythmia, or abnormal heartbeat) so this is fantastic for me. I am now confident to attempt lifesaving. I would change nothing about the course, I found it perfect”


“The trainer made learning easy. Lots of good basic advice and reinforcement of learning. Now I won’t be afraid to try to administer first aid. 10/10”


1/2 Day Bespoke Adult Basic First Aid, April 2024
NEC Care

“Beth (trainer) was fab! Really knowledgeable and taught in a way that was easy to follow. Explained everything thoroughly, even used diagrams. The best trainer I’ve had and made it enjoyable! I now feel confident in my knowledge if I found myself in a situation that needed First Aid (Emergency First Aid at Work course)

SP, Silvacare
April 2024

“The trainer was very engaging – he was able to deliver all the usual First Aid but gave excellent examples of other methods not usually considered e.g wheelchair users, people sat up but collapsed. Very knowledgeable. 10/10”


“Brilliant trainer! Much more in depth with different examples of patient presentation, not generic book learned scenarios which was much more appropriate for real life situations. 10/10”


BANES Council, 1/2 Day Bespoke Basic First Aid Training
April 2024

“I just wanted to let you know that the first aid training (1/2 Day Bespoke Basic First Aid) Amanda provided was excellent. Feedback from the rest of the team was that they all learned something and would feel confident putting their knowledge to use if the worst happened, so we can’t ask for any more than that. Amanda had a great way of simplifying things and dispelling some of the myths about CPR etc. Thank you.”

JF, NEC Care
April 2024

“I just wanted to email in to say a massive THANK YOU to the trainer who taught me the 16 Hour Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course today. After passing my training today, for the first time, I had a situation where my training was needed and I was at the right place at the right time. I felt so confident and comfortable to handle the situation and help out the person immediately, remaining calm, reassuring them and keeping them safe and warm whilst monitoring them when waiting for the paramedics, and of course remembering all my training from earlier on. Without the trainer,  I would have definitely not have the confidence to handle the situation as calmly and efficiently as I did, this first aid training I feel is so amazing in comparison to all the other first aid training I have had previously. He was the first ever first aid teacher who empowered me, supported me and made me feel comfortable to help out when needed. The whole training was fun and informative, knowledgeable the most i have ever learned in first aid. I felt it was important for me to email in and inform you of this, without them I might not have been so confident in helping out during an emergency and who know’s what might of happened if I didn’t have the confidence as I did after my training. The person is safe and is currently being medically treated by the paramedics and hospital. This situation was so unexpected and in public, and I felt so confident in my knowledge taught to use what I have been taught to help preserve live’s.”

RM, Hillside Day Nursery
April 2024

“It was great fun and engaging. I liked not having a wordy powerpoint. Good pace – had time to take information in, not just having information spat at you which was good, Thank you.”


“The trainer (Amanda) was very knowledgeable, listening attentively to any questions, also adding in a sense of reality which made it feel a little bit less classrooms based, was a very interactive experience. It has given me the confidence in putting vital skills to work, particularly as a Manager, the skills become prevalent.”


“I found the course was excellent, both in its practicality and knowledge, it managed to provide a large sum of knowledge in a limited time, while also keeping it fun and engaging. I now feel more confident with some of the issues I may find at work. 10/10”


“I very much enjoyed the course. It was descriptive and kept my attention the whole time. It was easy to understand and very inclusive. Amanda (trainer) was cool. 10/10”



Emergency First Aid at Work, University Centre Weston
March 2024

“Excellent course. I have really enjoyed the 3 days. It’s been so informative and I feel I have gained so many skills. The trainer was very knowledgeable and her stories kept the days going and made them fun. I have gained a huge amount of confidence in my practice.”

SF, Culverhill School

“Amanda (trainer) was brilliant. Kept us all engaged throughout the 3 days, added humour and kept it all interesting. Knowledge of Amanda was brilliant, offering real life scenarios and situations to keep it real and relatable. The pace was good and it was a great mix of practical and listening – really enjoyed the 3 days which was unexpected! Thank you. 10/10”

HG, Wellsway School

“Thank you Amanda for making the course fun and relaxed and making me feel comfortable as I don’t like things like this. I was made to feel very welcomed and included and felt comfortable as I can be very shy. 10/10”

NJ, St Ursulas e-act Academy

“Amanda was brilliant. Right balance of teaching and hands-on. Also humour and when to be serious. It was excellent overall; the pace, content and delivery. I had almost no awareness previously and now feel able to carry out first aid to a high standard. 10/10”

EH, Hargreaves Lansdown

3 Day First Aid at Work
March 2024

“Very enthusiastic and engaging instructor , very good co-operative atmosphere, fantastic use of teaching aids and using anecdotes to help us understand and contextualise situations. 10/10”

JW, Bristol Vet School

“I really liked the trainers enthusiasm and passion for his subject. Very knowledgeable and approachable and great at leading discussions.

JC, School of Physics

“The trainer was fantastic!!! Very knowledgeable and very passionate. He made the course very enjoyable. 10/10”

JHL, Business School

Bristol University Qualsafe First Aid at Work
March 2024

“It has been a great experience overall, Amanda (trainer) has a wealth of knowledge and the course was fantastic! 10/10”


“The whole course has been excellent. The pace was just right, the content was very comprehensive and the training materials were all that was needed. Thank you! I would not change anything, it has been a well rounded course. 10/10”


“Amanda (trainer) was able to hold my attention the whole time (not usually easy) and encouraged me to think about many possible scenarios. 10/10”


“Course was excellent. Amanda (trainer) made sure everyone was involved, related injuries to real life examples which helps and went at a pace everyone could follow. GIving us a topic to research and present was a great idea. 10/10”


3 Day First Aid at Work, Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES)
March 2024

“Nigel was fantastic. The delivery of the course was superb;at no time did it feel like a chore (2 day First Aid at Work Requalification). The mix of theory, practical and real world examples worked really well. It has boosted my confidence. 10/10″

GG, Glenfrome Primary School
March 2024

“I just wanted to feedback how excellent the trainer at Acorn was on my First Response course. The training was extremely practical, very mindful of our particular roles in Girlguiding and the age groups that we are expecting to encounter, but covering adults and children of course, he answered lots of extra questions and was very friendly. We also got to try out the training devices for defibs, and adrenaline pens for diabetes – both tools that many of us were very un-confident about before the session. The trainer made the Sunday fly by, with both personal and professional experience to draw upon and made us all feel secure to share our own. He gave a lot of extra insights that were incredibly useful, including apps we might want to recommend and current dangerous trends e.g apps and trends that may cause risk that the girls might be persuaded to try e.g. the ‘salt and ice’ challenge, I thoroughly recommend we try to procure him for other Girlguiding sessions. I will have more confidence in treatment and practical elements since this training.10/10”

TW, Girlguiding Somerset North
March 2024

“Nigel was great – he went at the pace of the group. Open to questions , really happy for discussion which made the training really engaging (First Aid at Work Requalification). Thanks Nige! I am now much more confident to administer first aid. 10/10″

SS, Bristol City Council
March 2024

“Fantastic presentations (COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and great communication. It has highlighted the need for good practice at work. Well done.”

BR, Encirc360
February 2024

“The trainer was very confident and very dedicated in what he delivers (Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid – Qualsafe). Brilliant at it and enjoyable training.”

KH, Bannerman Road Children's Centre
February 2024

“The trainer was really good and we wouldn’t hesitate to ask him back for any future training needs. It was very well run. 10/10”


“The trainer was great and the course was really engaging and interesting. The course content was all great. I learnt how to use fire blankets and which fire extinguishers to use. I now need to do a first aid course!”


Fire Marshal, Ragdoll Research
February 2024

Why do our customers choose us

As a business Acorn Health and Safety are committed to providing quality health and safety consultancy and training.  Our ISO 900:2008 accreditation is important to us and the regular review and evaluation of our consultancy services and course offering allows us to continually improve.

As an accredited provider with national organisations including IOSH, Qualsafe and the IATP we are required to evaluate our courses.

We ask for feedback from all delegates that attend our training and from our consultancy clients, the feedback we receive is used to further develop course materials, support staff members in their continued professional development and generally better the learning or consultancy experience.  In addition, our course trainers also evaluate every course they facilitate as part of their own reflective practice.

Here’s some feedback taken directly from course evaluation form and with permission of the delegate that we’ve received over the last few months.

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