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Food Poisoning Allegations

Reputation is critical to a food business and the slightest hint that you have produced unsafe food can have severe consequences, especially if a customer has claimed that the food your business has prepared and served, has made them ill

Foundation Level Manual Handling and First Aid at Work:

“We received the above training over two weeks which was much appreciated. Although we have filled in individual feedback forms on the day, I thought I would give some positive feedback with regards to the course itself and both trainers Matt & Ayshea.
The first aid course delivered by Matt was extremely enjoyable. Whilst going through the mandatory information for the course, Matt was able to adapt some areas of the course to suit our service needs which was great.
Matt’s delivery was excellent and we were laughing whilst learning.
The Manual Handling course delivered by Ayshea was informative, hands-on and very thorough.
Ayshea came across very knowledgeable & confident about this area and delivered the course at exactly the right pace.
Overall feedback from all that attended was positive.
I have recommended Acorn to our Training Manager for further courses throughout GCH”

Gloucester City Homes, January 2018

Why do our customers choose us?

Food Safety Training CoursesIf one of your customers complains, it is important to everyone involved to find out whether their complaint is justified. If it is, work out the cause and reasons of the illness and then make sure that something similar will not happen again.

Our food safety consultant, having worked in hospitality management, understands how important it is to everyone involved to find out whether the complaint is justified and if it is, work out the cause and reasons of the illness and then make sure that something similar will not happen again

Acorn Health & Safety is a leading provider of health and safety training and consultancy in the South West.  Our trainers and consultants come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and have considerable, hands on practical experience which is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Customers come from an equally diverse range of organisations and businesses but choose Acorn because we’ll keep you on the right side of the law, whilst recognising that health and safety needs to compliment your day to day business activities.

How do we support customers with food poisoning allegations made against them?

Our food safety consultant will advise you on how to approach the allegation and respond to the complainant in the first instance. We will assist in the investigation surrounding the allegation, which could include:

  • Ascertaining which food may be responsible for the illness
  • When the food was delivered and whether it was in good condition at that point
  • Whether the food was stored correctly
  • When the food was prepared, and served
  • Which food handlers worked with the food, and whether any of them are off work ill
  • Which processes or equipment were used
  • How many people may have eaten the food
  • Whether there are samples or leftovers which could be analysed
  • Details of your food safety management system, including monitoring records, were all the controls in place and being monitored by management
  • Whether there is anything else that may have contributed to the problem

From a customer care point of view, we can advise on how to keep the person who made the complaint updated on the investigation and about the final outcome of the investigation.

What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?

Competent advice and guidance will be given on the most appropriate way of approaching the allegation from not only a due diligence defence point of view but also the customer service aspect.

We can provide food poisoning allegation forms designed to capture as much relevant information as can be provided at the earliest opportunity from the person making the allegation, either whilst they are still with you or can be sent to them if they have returned home.

We can provide draft letters on your behalf to be sent to relevant parties to the investigation.

After a prompt investigation, has been carried out a report of the findings will be provided. If the allegation has resulted in failings of the Food Safety Management System advice and guidance will be given to address them.

Following any piece of consultancy work we are available by phone or on e-mail, so you can contact us easily, if you need our assistance or further advice.

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Prefer to talk about your training and consultancy needs?

Call our team we are happy to help 0117 958 2070, if it’s out of hours or you prefer e-mail –

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