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First Aid Training Bristol

We provide a comprehensive range of first aid and basic life support (BLS) courses to cover both statutory workplace requirements and organisations that need to provide mandatory training for their staff ensuring they have a first aid appointed person. A number of our courses are also suitable for those with a general interest in first aid.

Part of some First Aid courses are now available online and being live streamed using ‘Zoom‘. It’s the same great training achieving high levels of interaction and is still being delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Where required all course materials are provided in advance of training, all you need is access to the internet and a suitable device (computer, laptop, I-pad or similar) to join in.

Fire Marshal with Live Fire: “Very good. More interesting than previous training I have done”

Fidelius, January 2018


Our portfolio of first aid training includes:

First Aid at Work Training at Acorn Health and Safety Bristol

If you are unsure what First Aid needs you have for your business, our consultants can carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment

Why do our customers choose us?

Acorn Health & Safety have been conducting first aid training in Bristol since day one, it’s our passion! Irrespective of who you are, and what you do, we believe that the ability to save someone else’s life makes you pretty special whatever your reason for attending the course.

Our trainers gained their hands-on first aid experience from a variety of different backgrounds over many years including nursing, armed forces, emergency services, hospitality, Voluntary Aid Societies, as well as other industry sectors before becoming qualified instructors.

Our administration team and health and safety consultants will advise you on the specific requirements for your business / organisation, taking into consideration legal duties, published guidance and the types of accident / incident that may occur.

From training 120 staff on a school inset day to paediatric first aid training for childminders and the delivery of first aid at work training on behalf of the University of Bristol we can help.

We provide the most up to date, easy to read, first aid books relevant to the course and ensure there are plenty of training aids appropriate for the individual course to allow everyone participating to practice their skills.  These include training manikins, choking training vests, automated external defibrillators (AED), and a training pack of dressings for each individual.

Acorn Health & Safety is a leading provider of health and safety training and consultancy in the South West.  Our trainers and consultants come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and are not only appropriately qualified but also have considerable, hands-on practical experience which is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Our customers come from an equally diverse range of organisations and businesses but choose Acorn because we’ll keep you on the right side of the law, whilst recognising that health and safety needs to complement your day to day business activities.

How do we approach first aid training?

We provide courses delivered in a relaxed and informative style, many of which are nationally accredited, designed to meet specific industry requirements or can be tailor-made to individuals/organisations specific and varied needs.

The emphasis on every course is to allow delegates to become confident in their skills through a range of theory and practical sessions as well as continuing assessment and feedback from the trainer.

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What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?

Our first aid courses will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on skills, ensuring confidence when dealing with an emergency situation as well as ensuring compliance with any regulatory first aid requirements. Our trainers use their experience to provide practical lifesaving skills that can be used in the street, at work, or within any organisation.Acorn Master logo

We’ll provide delegates with a variety of printed course materials including workbooks and handouts and on completion of learning, delegates will receive an appropriate certificate.

Post course our team of consultants and trainers are available to answer any questions you might have.  You’ll also receive an automatic reminder prior to course expiry.

Our ‘first aid training’ portfolio is just one group of over 60 courses we offer. Acorn Health & Safety also provides training and consultancy in fire safety, food safety, manual handling, healthcare training and health and safety.

Our ‘in-house’ course programmes are the most cost-effective option if you have a number of staff requiring training, and in many cases can be adapted to include reference to local policy, practice and documentation.  These courses can be delivered either at any suitable venue or you can hire our purpose-built training centre located in Warmley, Bristol (8 miles from Bath), whichever is best suited to your needs.

We also run a rolling programme of ‘open courses’ which are particularly suited for individuals or organisations that only have a few delegates or those looking to release small groups of staff at a time.

Other courses that we specialise and provide consultancy in which could be of interest to you are:

Please contact us to discuss all of your training needs so we can advise the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Not every course can be 'off the shelf'.

Our tailored health and safety training is aimed at meeting the needs of customers who have specific subjects to be covered within their health and safety staff training.

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Open Course Diary

Aimed at businesses and individuals requiring specific training or those with only a few members of staff to train our open courses run regularly throughout the year and cover a variety of different subjects.

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First Aid FAQ's

Do I need to do a full First Aid course again once my certificate expires?
When the Emergency First Aid at work certificate runs out, renewing it would mean completing the same 1 day course. However, when the 3 day First Aid at work certificate runs out, a delegate can complete the 2 day First Aid at work requalification, providing that they complete this course no longer than 28 days after their certificate has expired. 

Do I have to provide First Aid assistance out of work?
No, there is no legal obligation.

What kind of First Aid training do I need?
We would recommend your training is based on the number of staff in your company, the nature of your business and your own company policy. 

Does my company need only one First Aider?
It is best practice to ensure you have sufficient trainers to cover your business in case the usual First Aider is sick, on a different shift pattern or on holiday.Our consultancy team can carry out a First Aid needs assessment for you. 

Who needs First Aid training?
Everybody. Accidents and emergencies happen everywhere and at any time and First Aid knowledge is a good life skill. 

I'm afraid of applying the wrong treatment!?
Our training is designed to give some simple, straightforward skills to be a primary contact in an emergency situation. 

Does a First Aid course qualify me to give out medicine?
No, the courses reference asthma, anaphylaxis and diabetes but will not give you a qualification in administering medicines. We offer a seperate Administering Medication course.

What is the age range for Paediatric First Aid training?
  The Paediatric First Aid course covers training on infants (up to 1 year old) and children up to puberty.

What is the minimum age to learn First Aid?
While some skills require a certain level of physical ability and maturity, the general life skills and practice can be adopted to most age groups. However, Qualsafe accredited courses minimum age is 16.

What do I need first aid wise for schools?
  1. For nursery or pre-schools, you will need to have at least one person on the premises with a Level 3 Paediatric First Aid qualification and may also need a First Aid at Work qualification if there are more than 25 staff.
  2. For Primary schools, you will need a qualified first aider who holds a Paediatric First Aid qualification and may also need a First Aid at Work qualification if there are more than 25 staff.
  3. For Secondary Schools, depending on staff numbers (between 25 and 50), you may need a qualified first aider who holds an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

It is important to remember to have a back-up first aider in case of sickness or holidays, as well as someone who is able to administer medicines, or have specific training as needed (ie in Epilepsy or Manual Handling). 


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