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Managing Sub-contractors and Suppliers

Subcontractor/supplier assessment helps ensure any other companies you use to carry out works on your behalf, or provide services in the course of your business, are competent and capable of doing so in a safe and legally compliant manner.

“It was taught in a fun but informative way, the trainer was happy to re-explain so that we understood. I really enjoyed the course and enjoyed the manner in which it was taught.”

Sara Butcher
St Marks Primary School

Why do our customers choose us?

Acorn Health and Safety Construction Building Management and Trades ItemsAcorn Health and Safety regularly support a wide variety of construction, building management and trades business develop often simple, yet effective systems for the control and management of subcontractors and suppliers.  Whether you require an assessment form, someone to manage subcontractor safety or site specific induction training and inspections we can help.

Acorn Health and Safety is a leading provider of health and safety training and consultancy in the South West.  Our trainers and consultants come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and have considerable, hands on practical experience which is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Customers come from an equally diverse range of organisations and businesses but choose Acorn because we’ll keep you on the right side of the law, whilst recognising that health and safety needs to compliment your day to day business activities.

How do we support customers with the selection and management of sub-contractors and suppliers?

We will advise you on the best method of assessing suppliers/subcontractors to ensure you are legally compliant and to ensure that your suppliers/subcontractors are the most suitable for your business.  For example:

  • Where you subcontract works to other companies, you have a legal obligation to ensure they are competent to carry out the works safely and without unacceptable risks to others
  • Where an accident occurs on site due to the incompetence, negligence, actions, or inactions of a subcontractor you have control over, you could also be held liable

Through our advice and support you will be able to satisfy yourself that the contractor you choose can do the job safely and without risks to health.  This means making enquiries about the competence of the contractor, for example do they have the right combination of skills, experience and knowledge?

The degree of competence required will depend on the work.  Similarly, the level of enquiry you make should be determined by the level of risks and the complexity of the job.

You must also ensure that any subcontractor/supplier you have chosen is putting their policies and procedures into practice while working on your behalf.

What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?

We will provide you with contractor assessment forms and advise you in the various documents you need to receive from suppliers/subcontractors.  We will provide site inspections forms and advise on when, where and how often these inspections should be undertaken and by whom.  Any documentation produced will either be uploaded to our cloud based storage system of provided electronically, or as a hard copy in the required format.

Together, these processes should help to keep you legally compliant and ensure you have peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your subcontractors/suppliers are working safely for you.  We can also provide telephone advice on how to determine if a contractor is competent to carry out the works you need them to.

We will assign you a dedicated and competent health and safety professional who will gain an understanding of your needs and be on hand to provide any help, advice or comment you need.

Any documentation produced will either be uploaded to our cloud based storage system provided electronically, or as a hard copy in the required format.  Following any piece of consultancy work we are available by phone or on e-mail, so you can contact us easily, if you need our assistance or further advice.

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Whatever your health and safety needs are, our ‘Hassle Free’ retained consultancy service is here to help.

For one-off assessments or, a tailored approach, we offer a wide range of consultancy services speak to our consultants to discuss your needs.

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