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First Aid Needs Assessment

Our health and safety consultants specialising in first aid have not only a robust understanding of legislation and guidance on first aid at work but also its practical application in the workplace.

“The trainer was wonderful and I really appreciated the way he ran the course (First aid at work). He really engaged the group and made me feel safe and comfortable with what was quite daunting as a first time first aider.”

MP, University of Bristol
November 2021

Why do our customers choose us?

Acorn Health and Safety First Aid at Work Training and ConsultancyOur specialist consultants have 20+ years’ experience undertaking first aid needs assessments in variety of environments from large organisations to those employing peripatetic workers or working from home.

As the number of different options for employers to consider with regard to the provision of first aid in the workplace continues to grow, we are able to provide clear advice and guidance in relation to the specific needs of your business including options such as the provision of oxygen and AED’s.

Acorn Health & Safety is a leading provider of health and safety training and consultancy in the South West.  Our trainers and consultants come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and have considerable, hands on practical experience which is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Customers come from an equally diverse range of organisations and businesses but choose Acorn because we’ll keep you on the right side of the law, whilst recognising that health and safety needs to compliment your day to day business activities.

How do we support customers with a first aid needs assessment?

Using our experience and reference to a wide range of published guidance and legislation we initially advise you on your statutory duties.  We’d also take in to consideration any specific needs your organisation might have, for example other persons you might be required to treat over and above your employees.  This might include children, other contractors or members of the public depending on your business.

We’d also review accident/incident trends using this information to comment further on the type of first aid training or equipment most suited to your working environment.

This information would be used to create a detailed first aid needs assessment that covers all areas of a business including regular employees, remote/home workers and others, for example those who drive during the course of their work.

What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?

On completion of a piece of first aid consultancy, employers will have:

  • A clear understanding of their statutory duties
  • A completed first aid needs assessment, where necessary advising on further considerations
  • A clear understanding of training options open to them and how best these are accessed

Following any piece of consultancy work, we are available by phone or on e-mail, so you can contact us easily, if you need our assistance or further advice.

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Whatever your health and safety needs are, our ‘Hassle Free’ retained consultancy service is here to help.

For one-off assessments or, a tailored approach, we offer a wide range of consultancy services speak to our consultants to discuss your needs.

Health and safety for Construction, Building Management and Trades businesses, made ‘Hassle Free’ with our retained consultancy service.

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Prefer to talk about your training and consultancy needs?

Call our team we are happy to help 0117 958 2070, if it’s out of hours or you prefer e-mail –

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