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Health and Safety Training Videos

“Dressing wounds and slings was useful – this is one of the most common reasons for students to come to the first aid room I school – I will be more confident and willing to get involved with first aid matters.”

Julia Harvey
Backwell School

Health and Safety Training Videos

Our short health and safety video clips provide an insight to a number of our courses and are to support classroom-based learning or help refresh key skills.  For example refreshing a moving and handling technique you’ve not undertaken for some time or providing an in-house staff update on the safe and effective operation of a fire extinguisher.

Please don’t expect Hollywood production! We’ve tried to create short, useful videos with content we think you’ll find useful.

Are there any health and safety training videos you would like us to cover?  We’re always looking to expand our library of video clips, if there is a particular subject you would like covered please let us know by e-mailing and we’ll aim to cover these in the coming months

Acorn Health and Safety

Introduction to Acorn Health & Safety

First Aid Training Videos

Chocking Casualty

Basic CPR

Fire Safety Training Videos

Fire Extinguishers & Blankets

Manual Handling Training Videos

Manual Handling Techniques Sit to Stand

Manual Handling Reverse Slide up the Bed

Open Course Diary

Aimed at businesses and individuals requiring specific training or those with only a few members of staff to train our open courses run regularly throughout the year and cover a variety of different subjects.

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