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Manual Handling Training Courses

Acorn takes the time to gain an understanding of your manual handling requirements within your organisation to ensure we provide meaningful and relevant training whether manual handling of clients or manual handing of loads training. We are excellent at adapting courses to suit the particular customer needs and making manual handling training both relevant and enjoyable. Our Manual Handling of clients courses are aligned to the Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).

“I have previously been trained by Acorn and the trainers have always been very engaging. My confidence level has increased from this course (Emergency First Aid at Work)

JR, Bush Short Breaks
November 2021

Our portfolio of manual handling courses includes:

Why do our customers choose us?

Acorn Health & Safety is a leading provider of health and safety training and consultancy in the South West.  Our trainers and consultants come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and are not only appropriately qualified but also have considerable, hands on practical experience  both in the care and community sectors, this is reflected in our grounded, pragmatic approach.

Customers come from an equally diverse range of organisations and businesses but choose Acorn because we’ll keep you on the right side of the law, whilst recognising that health and safety needs to compliment your day to day business activities.

Our tailored course programmes are particularly suited to organisations with specific learning outcomes and developed to meet the requirements of the care certificate.

Here at Acorn Health & Safety Ltd, we are pleased to confirm that our Manual Handling of Clients training courses are all aligned to The Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF)

The CSTF allows employers to recognise training to a standard, trust that information and reduce duplication of training. It also gives confidence that training standards have been met and standardises the interpretation of statutory/mandatory or clinical/care training.

The Framework can be used by any healthcare employer in the UK including NHS, independent healthcare providers, bank staff and agency organisations, and educational organisations and ensures the educational relevance of the training and improves the quality and consistency of training provision.

How do we approach manual handling training?

Our moving and handling course programmes are regularly updated and reviewed to ensure the needs of learners are met. Our client handling courses are very popular among carers who need to update their manual handling of people techniques. In addition to the ‘manual handling’ aspect of the task, we focus on other areas that might also contribute to injury, for example:

  • Fixed, static and sustained postures
  • Work equipment such as computers

We also provide a manual handling of loads course for anyone who may have to handle any types of load.

Our courses delivered in a relaxed and informative style, designed to meet specific industry requirements or a tailor made to individual and organisations specific and varied needs.

The emphasis on every course is to allow delegates to become confident in their skills through a range of theory and practical sessions as well as continuing assessment and feedback from the trainer.

What should you expect from Acorn Health & Safety?

We’ll provide delegates with a variety of printed course materials including workbooks and handouts and on completion of learning, delegates will receive an appropriate certificate.Acorn Master logo

Post course our team of consultants and trainers are available to answer any questions you might have.  You’ll also receive an automatic reminder prior to course expiry.

Our ‘manual handling’ course portfolio is just one group of over 60 courses we offer. Acorn Health & Safety provides training and consultancy in first aidfire safetyfood safety, manual handlinghealthcare training and health and safety.

Our ‘in-house’ course programmes are the most cost effective option if you’ve a number of staff requiring training, and in many cases can be adapted to include reference to local policy, practice and documentation.  These courses can be delivered either at any suitable venue or you can hire our purpose-built training centre located in Warmley, Bristol, whichever is best suited to your needs.

We also run a rolling programme of ‘open courses’ which are particularly suited for individuals or organisations that only have a few delegates or those looking to release small groups of staff at a time.

Other courses that we specialise and provide consultancy in which could be of interest to you are:

Please contact us to discuss all of your training needs so we can advise the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Not every course can be 'off the shelf'.

Our tailored health and safety training is aimed at meeting the needs of customers who have specific subjects to be covered within their health and safety staff training.

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E-learning Courses

We recognise that e-learning is a cost-effective training method.

Our e-learning platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and therefore accessible when you or your staff team need it.

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Open Course Diary

Aimed at businesses and individuals requiring specific training or those with only a few members of staff to train our open courses run regularly throughout the year and cover a variety of different subjects.

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Manual Handling FAQ's

How often do I need training?
Frequency of training is dependent on policy, policy decision should be based upon risk assessment, types and complexity of client needs, and handling required.

What type of manual handling training do I / my staff need? (for new client handlers)
We recommend new staff undertake an initial foundation level manual handling course covering all of the basics required in the care environment. For experienced staff a 3 hour update, covering core skills.

What manual handling training do my general staff need?
For staff handling inanimate loads we recommend a load handling course covering legislation, risk assessments and principles of handling.

I have complex Manual Handling needs can you help?
We have registered nurses who are able to assist you with policies and procedures as well as the practicable assistance of complex manual handling needs.

Can I train my own staff in manual handling?
We recommend that you undertake a reputable train the trainer moving and handling course.

How do I size a sling for my client?
All manufacturers’ guidelines vary. We recommend checking the size guidelines on the manufacturers’ website. 

How often does my hoist need to be checked?
The lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations stipulate that all people lifting equipment and accessories should be checked every six months by a competent person.
What is the difference between Manual Handling of load and of client?
The manual handling load is how to lift and move objects correctly, and manual handling of clients is the moving of people.

I need multiple courses held at my venue, what is the most effective way of doing this?
We can run two half day sessions at your venue, either of the same course to certify larger volumes of staff, or run two different courses on the same day (ie Fire Safety and Manual Handling) at a reduced day rate.
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