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Associate Partnerships with Acorn Health & Safety Ltd


Here at Acorn Health & Safety we realise the potential, combined value, expertise and resources of two companies working together.  It is for this reason that we have started to work with a select number of partners, or associates, across a range of complementary industries.

These are typically other, local businesses that have customers and/or suppliers that have a health and safety training, or consultancy requirement.  That said, this is a new initiative for us and we’d be happy to hear from anyone interested in exploring this way of working together.

We are a principled, honest and ethical organisation. We recognise that it can take time to develop working relationships and we are prepared to put some time and effort into getting to know you, your business and your clients.


Examples of companies we would like to work with:

In our experience, these are some of the industries that we would be keen to work with:

  1. HR Companies
  2. Solicitors
  3. Fire alarm installers
  4. Fire extinguisher suppliers
  5. Accountants
  6. Facilities management companies
  7. Process writers
  8. Business coaches

Naturally, if your business does not fall into these categories we’d still love to talk to you!

Below are a couple of examples of existing arrangements we already have in place with a number of local businesses:

‘An independent HR provider in South Gloucestershire, refer clients requiring health and safety support directly to Acorn for which a referral fee is paid’

‘A Bristol based facilities management company working with a large education provider contracted our services to undertake a number of fire risk assessments on their behalf’

‘An HR provider in BANES has the competency to provide general health and safety advice, however, contract the services of Acorn to answer some less common or more unusual questions’

‘An independent fire alarm and servicing provider in South Gloucestershire offers a fire risk assessment service through Acorn, however, continue to take responsibility for client contact and invoicing themselves.   Fire risk assessments are offered at a discounted rate, comparable to our usual referral fee.’

How this works in practice

Our partnerships/associate scheme works in one of the following ways:

  1. You could offer health and safety services to your clients as an add-on to your existing services, we’ll happily work under your ‘umbrella’ and where possible, white label our services.
  1. You may just be looking for a reputable, reliable provider to refer clients onto where they have an identified a training or consultancy need with no strings attached.
  1. You may be interested in generating a little extra revenue for your business and receive a referral fee for any converted leads you pass on.

About Acorn

Acorn Health & Safety is an established, family-run, health and safety training and consultancy business.Acorn Master logo

Over the last 20 years we have quietly grown to become one of the leading providers in Bristol. In addition to working with many local businesses, we are the chosen health and safety training provider for some of the local councils, well-known blue-chip organisations and the NHS.

We also have national contracts with two leading health and social care organisations.

We train and consult over 18,000 delegates from 350 businesses every year and that number is growing year on year.


If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss becoming a partner/associate of Acorn, please give us a call on 0117 958 2070, alternatively, you can email Paul at

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