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Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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“You recently ran some health and safety and COSHH training here at St Werburghs City Farm. First of all – it was a fantastic day and loads of our staff have fed back that it was really interesting, engaging and informative. Thank you! The trainer used some COSHH Risk Assessment and Register of substances templates during the day. They’re so much better than ones we have been using up until now.”

St Werburghs City Farm, August 2019
Do I receive a certificate for attending training?
Yes, you will receive a certificate for your course. These are normally posted to the company after the course completion. This will either be an external awarding body certificate, or an Acorn Health & Safety certificate, depending on the course.

What do I need first aid wise for schools?
  1. For nursery or pre-schools, you will need to have at least one person on the premises with a Level 3 Paediatric First Aid qualification and may also need a First Aid at Work qualification if there are more than 25 staff.
  2. For Primary schools, you will need a qualified first aider who holds a Paediatric First Aid qualification and may also need a First Aid at Work qualification if there are more than 25 staff.
  3. For Secondary Schools, depending on staff numbers (between 25 and 50), you may need a qualified first aider who holds an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

It is important to remember to have a back-up first aider in case of sickness or holidays, as well as someone who is able to administer medicines, or have specific training as needed (ie in Epilepsy or Manual Handling).

How many delegates can I put on each course?
For most of the courses, there is a maximum of 12 delegates per course per trainer. If you have more delegates you need trained at the same time and have a venue capable of holding larger numbers, then we can send multiple trainers who can run the theory session for the larger group, then break down for the practical sessions. However, many of the food, fire and health and safety courses will be able to accommodate larger numbers of people should the venue be suitable.

Can I have the training at my premises?
Yes, we offer in-house training at our clients’ premises or a suitable location, as well as at our training centre in Warmley, Bristol. The venue will need to have space for the delegates to sit for the theory sessions as well as any appropriate space for the practical sessions, ideally a space more than 4.5m x 6m (15ft x 20ft). Please note that we will need access to the venue at least ½ an hour before training starts to set up. We will need a contact name and telephone number for the day of training, as well as prior notification if you have parking for the trainer, a laptop, TV, flip chart, data projector or other relevant equipment. For venues, more than 25 miles from Warmley, there will be a travel charge, so please speak to us for the costs on this.

What is the age range for Paediatric First Aid training?
The Paediatric First Aid covers training on infants (up to 1 year old) and children up to puberty.

How often do I need training?
Frequency of training is dependent on policy. Policy decision should be based upon risk assessment and types and complexity of needs.

What kind of First Aid training do I need?
 We would recommend your training is based on the number of staff in your company, the nature of your business and your own company policy.

Do I need to do a full first aid course again once my certificate runs out?
 When the Emergency First Aid at work certificate runs out, renewing it would mean completing the same 1 day course. However, when the 3 day First Aid at work certificate runs out, a delegate can complete the 2 day First Aid at work requalification, providing that they complete this course no longer than 28 days after their certificate has expired.

What certifications do I need if I serve food?
The food safety awareness course will cover the importance of keeping staff and the work areas clean and hygienic. The Qualsafe Level 2 award will cover personal responsibility for food safety and the importance of keeping food safe and is for anyone who works in a catering setting where food is stored, cooked and handled.

Who needs First Aid training?
Everybody. Accidents and emergencies happen everywhere and at any time and First Aid knowledge is a good life skill.

Do I have to have the Health and Safety poster?
No. you can provide other alternatives such as pocket card, leaflet or brochure, available from the HSE website  

What does COSHH stand for?
  COSHH stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It is legislation that covers chemical safety in workplaces. Our COSHH course is suitable for all members of staff who require a basic understanding of hazardous substances in the workplace.

Do I have to have Fire Marshals?
 No, but a competent person is required. We offer Fire Marshal training to ensure your staff are competent including the use of live fire

Can I help a child if I have only done an adult First Aid course?
 Yes, for most First Aid treatments are the same. Child and infant-specific CPR is referred to on the course.

Does my company need only one First Aider?
 It is best practice to ensure you have sufficient trainers to cover your business in case the usual First Aider is sick, on a different shift pattern or on holiday.

How many people can attend a Fire Course?
 At our Acorn training centre, the maximum is 15 people. On site – Maximum is 15 people, but this is dependent on space for delegates and room for the live fire element.

Is there a cancellation charge once my course is booked?

Yes, if you need to cancel the course for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. The following charges will apply (as stated in our Terms and Conditions):

  1. More than 27 days notice of cancellation – NIL
  2. Between 14 – 27 days notice of cancellation – 50% of course fee payable
  3. Less than 14 days notice – 100% of course fee payable
What is the difference between Manual Handling of load and of client?
The manual handling load course is how to lift and move objects correctly, and client manual handling is the moving of people.

I need multiple courses held at my venue, what is the most effective way of doing this?
We can run two half day sessions at your venue, either of the same course to certify larger volumes of staff, or run two different courses on the same day (ie Fire Safety and Manual Handling) at a reduced day rate.

How long does my Administration of Medication certificate last?
This depends on your local council and school policy. We recommend that this course is done annually.

What is the difference between a requalification course and a refresher course?
 The refresher is the chance to keep your skills fresh and practiced. The requalification is your qualification renewal when it is due to expire.

Not every course can be 'off the shelf'.

Our tailored health and safety training is aimed at meeting the needs of customers who have specific subjects to be covered within their health and safety staff training.

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