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When is it Time to Arrange for a First Aid Training?


A group first aid training session


At work, people can suffer from work or unrelated work injuries or be taken ill. It is of the utmost importance therefore, that regardless of the injury or illness – they are given immediate assistance and that an ambulance is called for them in serious cases. Having the relevant systems and staff in place is not only a legal requirement but can save lives and prevent small injuries become major ones. 


The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 requires that adequate and appropriate first aid facilities and equipment and people are provided so that employees can be given immediate help or aid when injured or taken ill at work. The definition of adequate and appropriate completely depends on your circumstances and workplace so the relevant risk assessments need to be taken to identify what facilities and equipment are required for your workplace.


This article takes a look at further questions around first aid and first aid courses, discussing which first aid courses may be appropriate for staff at your workplace and what provisions you may need to make for your workplace to protect your staff. To find out more information on first aid training or for advice on your first aid requirements, get in contact with a member of our team today or telephone now on: 0117 958 2070


Basic First Aid Requirements


As discussed, what is ‘adequate and appropriate’ will depend on the circumstances of your workplace and needs of your workforce. Certain first aid courses will therefore be relevant for designated first aiders in your workplace should your workforce need additional support for their needs. The minimum requirements are that a suitably stocked first aid box is provided as well as an appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements. Relevant information to employees about first aid arrangements are also required. Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time during work so it’s very important to ensure that first aid is available at all times. This could mean that you need more than one appointed first aider for example to cover holidays, leave and illness.


Risk Assessments & Identifying Gaps in Training


Some small workplaces such as offices with low level hazards may only need the minimum provisions for first aid. However, a risk assessment is the best way to assess what hazards are present within your workplace and what additional provisions may need to be made. This could be dictated by the number of staff that are in your office or the support that workers require. An example of additional training could be that staff may be required to administer adrenaline and other medicines to treat an anaphylactic reaction. In these circumstances, anaphylaxis training may need to be arranged for staff. 


The First Aid Courses That are Available


We offer over 60 courses to ensure that your first aid requirements are met to the letter. Teaching 18,000 delegates a year Acorn Health & Safety offer training to individuals, groups and entire staff teams we are committed to providing excellent training delivered in a relaxed, yet informative style. 


We offer a wide range of courses covering first aid as well as other health and safety courses that are tailored to your needs and requirements. We also offer a wide range of fire safety courses to suit your organisation. 


Find Out More About Our First Aid Courses Today


A trainer demonstrating CPR


To find out more about the first aid courses that we have to offer or to seek advice on your particular requirements then get in contact with one of our consultants today. We can offer you the relevant advice that you may need as well as discuss your personal requirements in order to gauge which courses are suitable for your organisation or business.


For over 16 years, we have been providing consultancy and training to a wide and varying group of clients. We understand that health and safety can be a challenging subject for many businesses – with legislation and varying requirements often being confusing and unclear. We always offer honest advice and great training and our team are highly passionate about safety and are always here to help.


Should you require first aid training or wish to discuss your first aid requirements, get in contact with a member of our team today or telephone now on: 0117 958 2070