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avon fire and rescue

HOMEOWNERS have been urged to make sure their chimneys are swept regularly after  a spate of fires.

Since Friday, January 18, there have been 15 chimney fires to  which Avon Fire and Rescue Service have been called with incidents reported in Olveston, Bishopston, Winscombe, Wick, Paulton, Hawkesbury Upton, Dundry, Batheaston, Chipping Sodbury, Saltford, Monkton Combe, South Stoke, Clapton in Somerset, Keynsham and Compton Martin. No one has been injured as a result of any of the incidents.A spokesman for the fire service said: “One of the main reasons a chimney catches fire is because of a build up of debris inside. Chimneys where fires are burning smokeless fuels, bituminous coal, oil or gas should be swept at least once a year. Those burning wood need to be swept every three months when in use.”

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