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Employers must provide adequate fire safety training for employees, the type and extent of training should be based on the nature of an employers’ business, the type of premises and its’ use, and the expected occupancy of the building.

Training requirements should also take into account any findings from the statutory fire risk assessment and include an explanation of emergency procedures, and specific duties and responsibilities of employees considering their work activities.

Ideally fire safety training will take place during normal working hours, preferably within the working environment, and be easily understood and relevant to employees and others who may be present in the workplace. It should be repeated at appropriate intervals, especially for those who may have defined particular responsibilities such as fire marshals, first aiders or safety co-ordinators.

New employees and visitors should be given information regarding fire safety which may be contained in a safety leaflet or guide, and for smaller premises may include a safety tour showing fire exits and assembly points.

An emergency plan should be produced and communicated to employees who should know the identity of fire marshals and first aiders, and also of the requirement to ensure that fire doors are kept closed, and emergency exits kept clear from obstruction. They should know what to do if they discover a fire, how to raise the alarm and what to do once the alarm is raised.

Finally, emergency procedures should be regularly tested to ensure that training has been effective and to identify any further training or other requirements that may be needed.