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Did you know we offer a FREE Health and Safety Snapshot checklist on our website? Honestly, it’s FREE with absolutely no catch.

It provides businesses with a brief snapshot of their health and safety practices against a number of legal requirements taken from the HSE health and safety ‘What You Need to Know ’poster and includes points such as; do you have a written policy, signed and regularly reviewed? Do you display health and safety signs and notices where required? Do you provide employees with the information, instruction and training they need?

Taking a few minutes to review your health and safety practices will help identify whether you are doing everything you should be to keep your employees and business/organisation safe and on the right side of the law. If you answer NO to any question on the snapshot, our consultants can help by providing a full Health & Safety audit.

Whether you are operating in manufacturingretailengineeringconstruction, logistics or other sectors in the community, we can help you and your customers have the confidence that you are doing all that you can to reduce risks.

Health and Safety audits are undertaken for a variety of different reasons and may involve all or part of an organisations health and safety management system. Regardless of organisation size or type, the best health and safety management systems apply a systematic approach based on a thorough understanding of the specific hazards and risks the organisation faces on a daily basis.

A systematic approach would include the four steps, Plan…Do…Check…Act applied in a continuous cycle and looking to achieve continuous improvement.

Managing health and safety at work should be part of the day to day operation of an organisation, and an integral part of workers behaviour and attitude towards safe working. Based upon strong leadership and involving employees with sufficient skill, knowledge and experience who are trusted to work safely, a management system should involve processes and procedures to ensure legal compliance as a minimum standard.

So download the checklist now to check you are doing everything you should be to keep everyone safe and on the right side of the law.