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Learning at Work Week (LAW) is an annual event to build learning cultures at work. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

The ‘Campaign for Learning’ coordinate LAW Week nationally and offer resources and ideas for colleagues looking to run creative, innovative and inclusive activities as part of their Learning at Work Week campaigns.

This years theme is Learning Uncovered. Given the ongoing pandemic and Covid-19, there will be a continued focus on the use of virtual activities and programmes alongside place-based activities to celebrate the Week.

All companies and organisations are invited to mark Learning at Work Week. It offers an opportunity to run a branded learning campaign in your workplace linked to a national event. Promote a learning culture in the workplace, stimulate curiosity and engage your employees in learning.

Learning at Work Week is not prescriptive in terms of what your company should do and how you should mark it, but provides a framework and ideas. This ensures you can plan events and activities that are explicitly linked to your business goals and the needs of your employees, so they have longer term impact.

Why not use this week as a catalyst for change, to refresh learning and development, reinforcing your organisation’s commitment to staff development and celebrating learning that takes place all year round. It can change your staff‘s attitudes to learning and work, creating more positive perceptions of learning  and increased motivation and productivity. Draw on your employees own knowledge, passions and interests to create engaging activities and wider sharing and collaboration in the workplace. In turn they will have greater recognition of different ways to learn in the workplace

If you are interested in taking part, take a look at our available courses and get your staff booked in for their new learning at work! We have multiple open courses running and are committed to providing our delegates with the right tools and support to continually develop skills that will help them achieve their current and future career goals.