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moving and handling training course Bristol

Endorsed by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), the Moving and Handling Train the Trainer course is a widely recognised and highly regarded trainer’s qualification. This course is for those with a responsibility for welfare and training of staff with regards to the moving and handling of people.

Courses such as this are important as support from the top of an organisation is key to ensuring that the risks from moving and handling are managed successfully. When moving patients or clients, ensuring that training and processes are in-place to minimise risks for both employees and clients or patients.

In health and social care, the moving and handling of people is common place so this makes it even more important to implement training methods and processes within your organisation, business or charity. Key elements to ensure that moving and handling requirements can be met are as follows:

  • Statements outlying clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Recognition of the risks that may occur when moving and handling people.
  • Relevant training provided to staff.
  • Commitment to supporting those injured in connection with work.
  • Importance of Moving & Handing Training

As highlighted, relevant training provided to staff is very important, especially when moving and handling people is required often. At Acorn Health and Safety, we offer a range of manual handling training as well as this one.

This course was previously known as the West of England Foundation course and will equip you or your team with the necessary skills, understanding and confidence to become excellent handling trainers. Combined with information on a back-friendly lifestyle and back care, our course fully prepares you to provide training aimed to mitigate the risks and injuries that are associated with moving and handling.

Training is also highly important for sectors such as the National Health Service. We have worked closely with local NHS trusts to offer train the trainer courses in manual handling. Regular training in manual handling is very important as this will refresh, update and re-emphasise the i

nformation that has been received in earlier training courses. As manual handling is a core competency for staff that care for patients, it is vital that regular training is carried out to reduce injuries to both staff and patients. Research has also shown that the longer that a member of staff spends absent from work due to back pain injuries – the less likely they are to return so taking action against back pain from manual handling is highly important.

Due to the practical nature of this course, a basic level of general fitness will be required. This is due to the fact that delegates will be required to physically carry out the procedures that are discussed and covered during the course. The programme itself is endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists following a set syllabus using the most up to date information that is available and includes the following:

  • Bio-mechanics and back care
  • Ergonomics
  • Developing training programmes
  • Legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Inanimate object handling
  • Client handling techniques
  • Presentations
  • Project work
  • Hoisting and other mechanical aids

This course takes place over six full days, includes a small project to complete and equips delegates with the skills necessary to become competent people handling trainers in their workplace and is a widely recognised and highly regarded trainer’s qualification. It is also now available online with 2 days live streamed, 3 day’s face to face delivery and is being live streamed using ‘Zoom‘. It’s the same great training achieving high levels of interaction and is still being delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Where required all course materials are provided in advance of training, all you need is access to the internet and a suitable device (computer, laptop, I-pad or similar) to join in.

Training is one way that employers can work toward reducing the risk of handling injuries in the workplace.

The course is attended by a wide variety of staff from a range of different sectors including education, health and social care, sales advisors and health and safety advisors.  Delivered in a relaxed informal manner our commitment is to support delegates to acquire the necessary skills, confidence and understanding to become excellent handling trainers.  The course includes information on back care and a back-friendly lifestyle. Legislation and application to the workplace including manual handling risk assessment and all core handling skills. Practical skills and teaching presentations are assessed, using current best practice.

There is no minimum requirement to attend the course however we do ask that attending delegates have relevant hands-on experience.

We offer the course 4 times a year as an open course at our training venue in Warmley or we can provide this as an in-house course at your premises. In-house offers a range of benefits for organisations, staff teams and clients. Training is provided by someone who is knowledgeable of your environment, clients and equipment. Making them better placed to respond to your needs. In-house training is also very cost effective and the trainers’ course will quickly pay for itself.

Once you have completed and passed the course, we recommend you attend the annual Trainers 1-day update course which we hold monthly as an open course and ensures you stay up to date with the ever-changing guidelines and regulations.

For those customers requiring more general moving and handling trainer training, you can attend just the first 2 days of this course or alternatively, we offer bespoke Key Handler and Load Manual Handling Trainer training.

We have received some fantastic feedback from this course over the years, view our testimonials page to see them all.

If you would like to discuss this course and how it might meet your needs then please don’t hesitate to contact us