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Acorn Master logoAcorn Health & Safety is a leading provider of health and safety consultancy in the South West. Whether you require support with a one-off assessment or a complete health and safety management system, we can help.

Our health and safety consultancy services fall broadly into three main categories:

  1. Our retained service ‘Hassle Free‘ or ‘Hassle Free lite – for SSIP Schemes
  2. General advice or tailored health and safety consultancy
  3. Industry support

Our team of qualified and experienced consultants specialise in a wide range of subjects including food safetyhealthcareevent management, the construction industry, fire safety and asbestos.

If you haven’t met him yet, meet Philip Blomberg, CMIOSH, Health & Safety Consultant for Acorn Health & Safety. Known to us as Phil!

Q: Phil, How long have you worked for Acorn Health and Safety Ltd?
A: I started in Early May so 3 months now

Q; What is your history in the industry?
A:I have spent many years as either a Safety Manager or Consultant, largely in the construction and education sectors

Q: How have you found the support internally and externally with your introduction to Acorn?
A: The internal support of other Acorn colleagues has been very welcoming and helped me enormously with both my settling in and understanding of a very varied role. The clients I have met are very open and honest, giving straightforward feedback to help me understand their needs and position

Q: What has been the most surprising aspect of the role so far?
A: I knew Acorn covered a large geographic region, with a wide variety of clients, but I am still stunned at the vast range of clients we actually assist, and the varied needs they all have.  No 2 days are even remotely similar, and even this early into the position, it is very rewarding to be part of a company that genuinely cares about the advice they offer, always pushing to go beyond what is needed, that’s a great feeling.

Q: Has anything interesting occurred with the role to Date?
A: I love to not just provide consultancy to the client, but actually understand them better and what drives them as a business.  I had a conversation with a client who has decided to make positive impact on climate change, and they are currently organising the planting of Moringa trees in Africa.  This is a very special tree that is very fast growing, drought resistant, with edible leaves and fruit.  This tree can have a very positive effect on both climate and food provision.

Q: What are your aspirations in the company or role?
A: Acorn are very forward thinking and have some significant plans to advance the business, especially in the sustainability of its operation, and positive business impact for clients.  I hope to offer not just my input for how we can continue to strive for a more sustainable business, but also to offer more specific environment and sustainability advice to our clients also.

Q: What do you enjoy outside of work?
A: I am a musician, more specifically a fretless Bass player, I am a parish counsellor in my home town near Stroud, and maybe the most high octane pursuit is that of high altitude mountaineering. Having trekked at over 23,000ft above sea level in Argentina, the sights available to you are profound. 

If you would like to speak to Phil or any of our other consultants, either pick up the phone or drop us an e-mail, we are always happy to talk and offer an initial hour of consultancy free or charge and without obligation.  If you live in, or near, Bristol we’ll likely invite ourselves around for coffee!